4 ways to improve your skating performance

No drills required - Free EDGEucation

Free EDGEucation on how your profile, hollow and blades impact:
Stability, acceleration, speed, mobility and more

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Free EDGEucation on how to Have the EDGE

As the Director of Performance at Tydan Performance blades Joel provides skate blade EDGEucation to maximize performance to thousands of players and goalies around the world. http://www.tydanblades.com

Joel has decades of experience playing and coaching competitive hockey at many levels including university hockey at Le College Militaire Royal de St. Jean.  Joel has a passion for helping players and goalies achieve their peak performance on the ice while enjoying playing the great game of hockey.  After a concussion while coaching hockey and a subsequent one from from a hit and run accident, Joel now focuses his passion for hockey by providing off ice hockey education.  

In addition to his work with Tydan Performance Blades Joel is also the director of performance at Unlock Goaltending.    www.unlockgoaltending.com

What it takes to succeed on the ice

The difference between winning and losing, making the team or not making the team can come down to the little changes you make to maximize your performance.

We understand what it takes to have the EDGE on the ice.   The difference between winning and losing is getting smaller. Thousands of hockey professionals around the world trust Tydan Performance blades when they hit the ice.  We want to help you Have the EDGE by sharing our knowledge with you on blades, profiles and hollows.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • How to set your blades up for maximum performance
  • Know how to select the right profile for your blades
  • Determine when to change you hollow on your blades
  • learn how to extend the life of the edge on your blades 

Tydan Performance Blades provides more custom blades, profiles and hollows for professional hockey players than any other blade manufacturer in the world.   We will use our experience to provide you the insights you need to understand everything you need to know about your skate blades.